Information for Contributors

The 9/11 Research and Remembrance Project:

Information for Contributing to our Oral History

To develop an oral history of 9/11, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Twenty Years of Service through interviews with and other contributions from members of the ERAU community.

With few exceptions (notably our veterans), today’s incoming students have no memories of 9/11, yet they are entering fields transformed by the events of that day.

We can tell the story of 9/11 and its impact on the people and professions in the sectors we serve better than any other institution in the world.

Can you help us tell this story for future generations?

This Oral History project will be presented on a website. Users can access contributions through several different methods, including our feature presentation: Where We Were – an interactive world map with an icon representing the location of each contributor at the time of the attacks.

Contributions will also be stored via the Hunt Library’s Scholarly Commons so that future students and professionals can learn about the attacks and how our community responded.

We need:
Alumni, faculty, staff, students, and members of the broader ERAU community to share their experiences of 9/11 and their assessments of how the events of, and subsequent responses to, that day shaped the fields of:

  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Security and Counterterrorism
  • The Military
  • Education
  • and others

Contributors can choose one of three different formats:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Text

We recommend up to approximately 15 minutes for video or audio, though contributors should feel free to determine how much they would like to share.

Written text contributions of any length are welcome.

Contributors can choose one of two different methods:

First option:
* contribute directly through our online portal:

Embry-Riddle Office of Alumni Engagement - Remembering 9/11 – Remembering 9/11 (

The online portal accepts written contributions as well as audio or video recordings. Information entered there goes into our database.

Contributors will have the ability to restrict which information is publicly available.

Second option:
* work with one of our student researchers who are trained to help record and present your story

Students are eager to hear your story and to work with you. Their experience hearing from alumni about what it was really like has been enlightening and inspiring. They are prepared to work with you to present your story through a recording or in written form. They can assist with technical recording needs, transcribe an interview, or help you develop our own written contribution.

As these student-assisted contributions are developed, participants can determine what kind of access they want the general public to have. This ranges from full access to all materials including names and position titles, to anonymous contributions.


Thank for you for considering contributing to this Oral History of 9/11, ERAU, and Twenty Years of Service.

If we can help you in any way, please contact:

Bill Thompson                                                                                 David Keck
Executive Director, Alumni Relations                                                Chaplain, Daytona Beach