Joseph Parrish


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Spring 4-28-2016


Joseph Parrish

Joseph Parrish currently serves as the Deputy Manager, Mars Program Formulation Office at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), where he is responsible for technology assessment and mission architecture planning for future robotic missions to Mars.

Mr. Parrish recently returned to JPL after an assignment to NASA Headquarters in Washington DC as the Deputy Chief Technologist in NASA's Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT).

Before joining JPL, Mr. Parrish was President of Payload Systems, Inc. and Vice President of Research & Development at Aurora Flight Sciences Corp. — two small businesses in Cambridge, MA providing aerospace technology development and implementation services to academia, government, and industry.

Prior to his time in industry, Mr. Parrish was employed by NASA, where he served as the Robotic Systems Architect for the International Space Station program, led the development of a spacecraft servicing telerobot named Ranger, and served as the NASA Program Executive for several solar system exploration missions to Mars and beyond, including the Mars Science Laboratory, Mars Scouts, and the Mars Sample Return Mission.

Mr. Parrish has received numerous honors, including the MIT Luis de Florez Prize, several NASA Group Achievement Awards, the NASA Exceptional Performance Award, and the NASA Exceptional Service Medal. Mr. Parrish holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.