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Andrea Harrington is a licensed attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and an Erin J.C. Arsenault Fellow in Space Governance at the McGill University Institute of Air and Space Law, where her doctoral research is focused on insurance and liability issues for the commercial space industry. Andrea holds an LLM, also from the McGill IASL, as well as a JD from the University of Connecticut School of Law, an MSc from the London School of Economics, and a BA from Boston University. During the course of her studies at McGill, Andrea has earned numerous awards, including: a P.E.O. Scholar Award, the International Aviation Women’s Association Scholarship, the SWF Young Professionals IAC Scholarship, and the Setsuko Ushioda-Aoki Prize for academic merit. Andrea has served as an Assistant Editor for the Annals of Air and Space Law, Jr. Project Manager for Secure World Foundation, and researcher on projects for the FAA Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation, the International Society for the Advancement of Space Safety, the International Civil Aviation Organization, and the Space Security Index; prior to seeking her doctorate, Andrea obtained a combined 5+ years of experience in the insurance and financial compliance fields.