ERAU Conference and Event Hosting in Scholarly Commons

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The Hazy and Hunt Libraries at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University provides online conference and event hosting in the university repository, Scholarly Commons. Faculty, Staff and Departments within ERAU are encouraged to use this valuable resource.

What is the Value of Hosting a Conference/Event in Scholarly Commons?

  • Paper/Presentation submission feature.
  • Built in online Peer Review process for papers and presentations.
  • Published online conference agenda.
  • Online Registration including ecommerce tools.
  • Publishing/Archival of the conference proceedings.


  • All conferences/events must be related to an ERAU student, staff, or faculty member.
  • Conferences and events must be reviewed and approved by the University Research Council (URC).
  • Administrators of the conference are also required to administer or appoint an administrator(s) to learn and manage the submission and peer review processes of Scholarly Commons.
  • Paper/presentation proceedings must be archived in Scholarly Commons when possible.

Choose the Right Conference Type -

There are two types of conferences sites available. A Scholarly Commons liaison will help you choose the best fit for your conference.

  1. ERAU branded site that follows the Scholarly Commons design and color scheme.
  2. A unique site branded by the Web Design Team to meet your conference vision.

The Process and Timeline for Creating a Conference/Event Site

  1. Submit the Conference/Event Request Form
  2. Contact your Scholarly Commons liaison to setup an initial meeting to discuss the conference plans and ideas. (typically 3-5 days) depending on competing schedules.
  3. The entire process will be outlined during the initial meeting.
    • Sites are typically live within 4-6 weeks from the initial meeting with your Scholarly Commons liaison.
      • Generic, ERAU branded sites can be streamlined and live within 1 week.

Responsibilities of the Conference/Event Organizers/Administrators

  • Submit the Conference/Event Request Form
  • Provide mockups of or detailed vision of logos and banners if they are needed for the site.
  • Create/customize the site content.
    • Site Landing Page intro text
    • Submission Agreement
    • Submission form (metadata fields)
    • Review forms or needed rubrics
  • Market your conference/event.
  • Manage your submissions and peer review process (if utilized).
    • Recruit, request and assign reviewers
    • Accept or reject submissions
    • Publish agenda
    • Publish proceedings
  • Update your landing page(s) as needed.

Services provided by the Hunt and Hazy libraries

  • Provide the Scholarly Commons conference/event publishing platform
  • Provide conference/event administrator training.
    • Online training with your Scholarly Commons Liaison and/or bepress rep
    • Follow-up and ongoing training/support via phone, Skype, or in person (as needed)
  • Offer best practices guidance and advice based on the conference needs and the systems capabilities.
  • Liaison service between conference administrators and bepress.

Submit your Conference/Event Request Form.