Hosting this year’s first annual conference in Space Traffic Management (STM) is Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Commercial Space Operations degree program at the Daytona Beach campus. The November 4-6 STM conference offers academia and leaders of government and industry a forum for discussing the complex, diverse, and timely issues of aviation and space traffic coordination, space launch, space weather, and space debris. The conference’s plenary sessions will bring together for discourse multiple disciplines and different aspects of the space traffic management world. This is your opportunity to help set the agenda for the future of commercial space flight.

The primary objectives of the conference include:
  • Bringing the space traffic roadmap into focus
  • Identifying surfacing issues in STM
  • Providing leadership in planning
  • Facilitating agreement on the next steps

Please visit our interactive Roadmap to the Stars developed from the topics and presentations from the 2014 Space Traffic Management conference. Click any of the presentation titles on the interactive PDF to view the presentation materials. The presentation page also gives users the option to engage in discussion via the Comments field at the bottom of the page.

Browse the contents of 2014 Roadmap to the Stars:

Wednesday, 5 November (Day One)
Thursday, 6 November (Day Two)