Squadron 2 Class 44-B 53rd Flying Training Detachment Army Air Corps Contract Pilot School


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1 photograph: b&w

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Image is a group photograph of Squadron 2, Class 44-B 53rd Flying Training Detachment Army Air Forces Contract Pilot School. The 53rd was based at Carlstrom Field, near Arcadia, Florida.

Pictured here are (from front to rear, left to right): 1st Row: J.J. Brady, S.B. Brown, C.M. Boothby, J. Berchin, R.C. Burkholder Jr., G.L. Brechbill, R.E. Latt, P.G. McMillan, G.M. Turner Jr. 2nd Row: R.L. Arthur, O.C. Davis, J.A. Difiore, A.S. Hecht, C.B. Downes, P.L. Bonner, R.H. Capitain, R.B. Weinard, R.K. Behl. 3rd Row: J.C. Barrett, A.C. Graham, T.P. Davis, R.W. Carlson, J.J. Conley, L.P. Brady, R.L. Guilfoil, B.E. Brady. 4th Row: H.C. Bartels, C.J. McMillan, M.G. Stevens, E.B. Tarleton, R.L. Norcross, N.T. Shirley, I.S. Canetti.