Engineering Design Graphics Division (EDGD)Participation Grant


The EDGD Participation Grant is intended as a developmental program to encourage potential and new graphics instructors to participate in the activities of the Engineering Design Graphics Division (EDGD) of ASEE. It is also anticipated that the grant recipients will make the EDGD one of their professional affiliations and activities on an ongoing basis throughout their professional career.

New faculty and graduate students can apply for this grant. A "new faculty" member must be in the first three years of a regular faculty appointment and have not attended a previous ASEE/EDGD MidYear Conference. Graduate students must show evidence that they involved activities in or teaching graphics related courses.


The Engineering Design Graphics Participation grant is open to all graduate students and new faculty in graphics-related programs or courses (for example, Engineering Graphics, Technical Graphics, and Computer Graphics). The grant provides a maximum of $500 to attend the EDGD Midyear Conference in Monterey Bay, Jamaica, January 2018. The grant must be used for travel, accommodations, and/or conference registration.

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Important Dates

Application Deadline: August 21, 2017

Recipient notification: September 11, 2017

Complete the Application Form and email to:

Mary Sadowski