Are All Types of Electronic Marketplaces the Same from Buyers’ Perception?

Dothang Truong, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach
Thuong T. Le
Sylvain Senecal
S. Subba Rao

Editor: AmHighEd

Publisher Place and Name: Cary, NC: AmHighEd


This study tests if buyers perceive conceptually different electronic marketplaces as distinct types of procurement platforms. Data from a Web-based survey of 359 purchasing professionals in the United States shows buyers’ expectations of benefits differ significantly between public EMs (i.e., third-party exchanges and industry sponsored marketplaces) and private EMs (i.e., private trading networks), and between neutral EMs (i.e., third-party exchanges) and biased EMs (i.e., private trading networks and industry sponsored marketplaces). Likewise, their perception of risks differs significantly between public and private EMs.