Since its founding, Embry-Riddle’s Department of Flight has turned people with a passion for aviation into the best pilots in the air. In fact, the flight program was the foundation of ERAU, and it continues to provide the training for all the programs at the university that require flight training.

However, the department doesn’t just train pilots — the training students receive here has always gone above and beyond the FAA requirements. In 1926, the flight school developed what was then called the Master Airman designation. These were not just pilots: They were able to fly airplanes in all conditions, troubleshoot problems that arose, and generally exceed the expectations of regulators in place.

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Submissions from 2017


Pilot Training Metrics at a Part 141 University Training Program, Steven Hampton, Dothag Truong, Ken Byrnes, and Troy Techau

Submissions from 2016


2016 General Aviation Flight Training Metrics, Steven Hampton, Ken Byrnes, and Troy Techau