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Spring 2019

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HU 338

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Traversing the Borders: Interdisciplinary Explorations


Octavia E. Butler sold her first novel in 1976, and has subsequently emerged as one of the foremost novelists of her generation with such critically well-received books as Pattermaster, Mind of My Mind, Survivor, Kindred, Wild Seed, Clay's Ark,Dawn, and Imago. Her short stories appear infrequently, but are well worth the wait. In 1984 she won a Hugo Award for her story "Speech Sounds." And in 1985 she won both the Hugo and Nebula awards for the story that follows, "Bloodchild," one of the most powerful and disturbing stories of human/alien relations you 're ever likely to read, a story in which we are not only subjugated, but damn proud to be so, too. . . .