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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Darris White

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Dr. Charles Reinholtz

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Dr. William Engblom


Intake manifold charge temperature is a factor used in mean value engine models (MVEMs) for the calculation of intake mass air charge and oxygen flow. More stringent emission requirements have led to increased deployment of more advanced engine combustion models onto production engine controllers. Measurement of the temperature via physical thermocouple sensors mounted to the engine intake manifold is both slow, in comparison to the changing conditions of an engine, and undesirable due to the cost and increased complexity of extra sensors. A state estimation model has been evaluated that imitates the function of the intake manifold temperature sensor reading, but uses the fusion of data acquired from other sensor locations on the engine. Steady-state and Federal Test Procedure (FTP) cycle analysis was used to evaluate the development model on a rapid prototyping system. The model showed substantial agreement with the measured values over a range of operating conditions.