Date of Award

Summer 9-1994

Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Business Administration in Aviation


Graduate Studies

Committee Chair

Abe Harraf

Committee Member

Philip Weatherford

Committee Member

John Longshore


This thesis evaluates the Canada - Florida commercial air passenger market and explains fluctuations in the demand for air passenger service based on an econometric modeling process. Canada - Florida commercial air passenger traffic is segmented into those passengers flying on scheduled air services and those travelling on chartered air services. Two separate multiple regression equations are constructed to address the two segments of the Canada - Florida market. Both equations are formulated utilizing the same three independent variables. It was expected that the three chosen independent variables, Canadian GDP, a ratio of chartered air fare levels by scheduled air fare levels, and a ratio of chartered flight time by scheduled flight time, would explain the changes exhibited in air passenger enplanements and deplanements within the Canada - Florida air passenger market between 1971 and 1992. The results of the two separate multiple regression equations partially substantiated the hypothesis. The equation corresponding to chartered enplanements and deplanements proved to be highly significant while the equation corresponding to scheduled enplanements and deplanements was not as robust as the researcher anticipated.