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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Aeronautical Science


Graduate Studies

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Dr. John T. McGrath

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Mr. Leslie Kutnpula

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Mr. James Blanchard


This study evaluated the effects that heads-up mounted TCAS displays had on pilot response and workload. Pilot response was evaluated by: (a) response time to a traffic advisory, and (b) number of missed traffic alerts. Workload assessment was accomplished in accordance with NASA's Task Load Index (TLX). Subjects were all licensed pilots with a minimum of a private pilot license and an instrument rating. A total of 32 subjects were randomly assigned to experimental and control groups utilizing HUD-mounted, and conventional, TCAS displays respectively. Performance data was collected during computer-simulated flights, while subjective workload levels were reported at the end. It was found that HUD-mounted TCAS displays yielded better performance results (p=0.05), while resulting in significantly less workload.