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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Business Administration in Aviation


Graduate Studies

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Prof. Rudolf Knabe

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Dr. John Pope

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Dr. Carl Lippold


As a result of expansion and acquisition, USAir has experienced major growth in flight operations. In an effort to accommodate this expansion, a major construction project, called the Midfield Terminal project, is underway at USAir's major hub, Greater Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). The Midfield Terminal will result in a 60 percent increase in gate capacity for USAir and lower operating costs due to its location. However, increased gates infer increased flight frequencies. PIT already operates near capacity during peak periods and runway expansion has only been discussed. This paper evaluates the conditions of USAir at PIT with regard to the lack of landing facilities and gate expansion. There will be a dire need for additional runway capacity at PIT if USAir is to take advantage of the additional gates and the cost savings associated with those gates. Suggestions are made to avoid a critical imbalance of airport facilities.