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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering


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Dr. L.L. Narayanaswami

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Dr. W. P. Schimmel

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Dr. R.L. Reisbig


This study is concerned with the investigation of the effect of oscillatory flow on the burning of carbon. This involves the study of two separate problems. The first is to obtain a solution for combustion of a carbon particle surrounded by a stationary gaseous film, and the second is to obtain a solution for combustion of the carbon particle subjected to acoustic oscillations. A computer program is developed to solve the governing equations of both problems. Comparison of the solutions to the steady and the oscillatory cases provides information on the effect of the oscillations on carbon particle combustion.

Various plots are obtained from the computer generated results depicting the variation of parameters such as mass fractions of the species, pressure, temperature, and velocity across the boundary layer. The results obtained show that the oscillations interact positively with the combustion process, leading to an increase in the amplitude of the acoustic wave.