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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Aeronautical Science


Graduate Studies

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Charles Richardson

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Diana Carl

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Marvin Smith


The purpose of this study was to show a relationship between the type of cognitive learning style that an individual possesses and their subsequent success at simulated air traffic control practical exercises. Kolb's Learning Style Inventory was utilized to determine dominant learning styles of 30 college students enrolled in a laboratory-based air traffic control course. The instrument was administered during the first day of classes in the Fall of 1990. Students were placed in one of four groups for statistical purposes according to learning style. The scores of simulated micro-computer based air traffic control practical exercises given at semester's end were used to determine a mean score for each of the four groups. A t-distribution was used to establish significance between the groups. This study will be used as a preliminary step toward identifying and testing for more precise skills that are predictive of success in air traffic control for the purpose of developing a more effective method of screening air traffic control candidates.