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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineering

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Dr. William Engblom

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Dr. Frank Radosta

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Dr. Eric Perrell


Nastran and ANSYS finite element analysis (FEA) and Wind-US computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solvers are used to simulate the effect of thermal deformation on the reacting flow developing within the University of Virginia (UVa) Supersonic Combustion Facility (SCF). A detailed thermal-structural model is developed to resolve the temperature distribution and the resulting structural deformation taking place within the scramjet engine flowpath. The predicted thermal deformation is used to refine the CFD model and produce a new set of results for direct comparison with experiment during both ramjet and scramjet modes of operation. Improved agreement between CFD and experiment is afforded by including the thermal deformation effect. The sensitivity of key choices for structural constraints is also evaluated.