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Date of Award

Spring 5-1995

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Master of Aeronautical Science


Aeronautical Science

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Henry R. Lehrer

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Thomas J. Connolly

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Donald Hunt


This study demonstrated that female airline pilots are affected by fatigue. Using a questionnaire developed by the researcher, the population of actively employed female pilots employed by USAir was tested. The population consisted of 121 individuals. The population was asked various questions relating from fatigue experienced to factors which contributed to their fatigue. The population was categorized into those with children and those with no children for several questions in the questionnaire. Several questions were directed only to those with children as to the level of fatigue that they experienced relating to the demands of raising children. Subjects were also questioned as to how fatigue affected their cockpit performance, and what could be possible solutions to reduce the level of fatigue they dealt with on a daily basis. It was found that females experience a high level of fatigue, due to their body chemistry and various responsibilities associated with their many role responsibilities. Also found was the ability of females to handle this fatigue effectively. The outcome of the survey supported the hypothesis.