Date of Award


Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Science in Space Science


Physical Sciences

Committee Chair

Dr. Mahmut Reyhanoglu

Committee Member

Dr. Bereket Berhane

Committee Member

Dr. Tony Hagar


The objective of this thesis is to analyze an effective control scheme for a formation of spacecraft, implement that control, and provide a 3-D simulation. The thesis first summarizes the progress made in formation flight control schemes and then provides a theoretical framework for the control system design. Using established control design techniques, feedback laws are constructed to control both rotational and translational motion of a group of spacecraft. Computer simulations are carried out using Matlab to generate the ephemeris and attitude data, which are exported to Satellite Tool Kit (STK) to create animations. The process by which Matlab is used to produce the data and how the data are used to produce a 3-D animation in STK is explained. Finally, various formation scenarios are modeled using this same process.