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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineering

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Dr. William Engblom

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Dr. Eric Perrell

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Dr. Ray Mankbadi


A FORTRAN conduction/convection heat transfer module named FOGO (meaning fire in Portuguese) has been developed to perform the conjugate heat transfer analyses with existing flow solvers. In this work, FOGO is coupled with TBD and WIND-US flow solvers. WIND-US is a well validated flow solver developed by NASA, AEDC, and Boeing. TBD is a new flow solver developed at ERAU. TBD is verified for laminar stagnation point heat transfer prediction and turbulent flowfield protection. The FOGO module is verified against an exact solution for transient one-dimensional heat flow in a semi-infinite solid

The coupled TBD-FOGO and WIND-FOGO conjugate heat-transfer solvers are validated against existing data for three high speed water-cooled wind tunnel experiments: i) Air Force high-enthalpy nozzle test which recorded the increase in water coolant temperature, ii) Jet Propulsion Lab converging-diverging nozzle test for which nozzle and run-up were well-instrumented with thermocouples, iii) NASA Glenn Research Center experiment on a series of water cooled panels subject to heating from an impinging rocket engine plume. Results for all three applications are directly compared to recently published attempts by other researchers.

Also included in this work is a set of instructions detailing how to couple FOGO to other existing flow solvers to perform similar conjugate heat transfer analyses.