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The Impact of Birthdate Biorhythms on Aviation Accidents Involving Hellenic Air Force Fighter Pilots

Ioannis Fokas, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach


This study investigated the impact of birthdate biorhythm on aviation accidents involving Hellenic Air Force fighter pilots. A list of names, birthdates, and the dates of accidents was compiled from accidents involving pilots who had flown fighter aircraft and have reacted improperly even though they had sufficient time to implement the proper procedures. The list was acquired from the History Office of the Hellenic Air Force. A computer program was acquired for the specific purpose of tracking the pilot's birthdate biorhythm cycles. The Standardized Statistic Test for Proportion was used for statistical inferences. The results suggest that the date of the aircraft accidents are highly related to the pilots' critical periods. Therefore, the results support the importance of considering the critical period when scheduling pilots and thereby minimizing the number of aviation accidents.