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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineering

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Dr. Magdy Attia

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Dr. Maj Mirmirani

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Dr. Charles Reinholtz


Increasingly, companies are becoming more interested in reducing cost. Recent studies indicate that up to 80% of the Lifecycle costs (LCC) has been embedded in the engine's DNA at the end of the development and design phase. One concept to aid in the cost reduction is the modular design of expensive and development-intensive components, such as multi-stage axial compressors. It is the objective of this approach to utilize a "core" module in all the compressors, thus maximizing commonality and minimizing all relevant development, design, manufacture, procurement, and service costs; these reductions in cost are projected to increase affordability by five-fold. This thesis introduces the modular concept with a multi-stage high-pressure compressor design carried out to through flow analysis. The compressor is consequently divided up into five modules, and a modular upgrade is then developed for a different application using the same core. Discussion is presented as to advantages and potential limitations.