1. How do I access Whova?

You can access Whova either via the mobile app or via a direct link for a browser. Either option will give you full participation in the conference. You will be provided with a password for participation shortly before the conference starts.

2. Why is there a registration cost for an online conference?

Although the conference is online so traditional registration costs are reduced, we are fully committed to bringing you a comprehensive conference experience rather than a set of isolated webinars. As such, we have invested in a virtual conference software and robust digital presence to facilitate an engaging attendee experience. We also have the administration costs you would expect with any large scale event in higher education.

3. Will sessions be live-streamed or recorded?

Presenters will have the option to either live-stream or record their presentation. Presenters will be encouraged to live-stream their presentations but in the event of scheduling or time zone conflicts, they have the option to record their presentation in advance. You will be able to clearly see in Whova if a session is live-streamed or recorded.

4. Will the conference sessions be archived?

We are still working out the logistics of the conference and this point is still to be determined.

5. Will there be a chance to discuss current issues related to distance librarianship?

2020 has been quite a year and people involved with distance librarianship are seemingly busier than ever. The conference will have spaces for people to network, decompress, share, and discuss.

6. Will you have any ground rules for participation?

Yes, those of you who have been around the game for a while are probably familiar with the phase "netiquette". Although we hope and expect that everyone will contribute to a respectful and welcoming conference space, we will establish ground rules for participation.

7. What if I have accessibility accommodations needed to fully participate in the conference?

If you have accessibility accommodations, you will see a space on the registration form to mark that. You can also email Kat Phillips () and Torrie Raish () with your requirements for full participation.

Do you have additional FAQs not answered here? Please submit them to this form and we will do our best to answer them.