Below is a list of the Past Conference Proceedings of the Distance Library Services Conference and it's previous title, Off-Campus Library Services Conference.

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Distance Library Services Conference

DLS 2020  Website  (Proceedings)  The Pennsylvania State University (virtual)

DLS 2018  Website  (Proceedings)  San Antonio, TX

DLS 2016  Website  (Proceedings)  Pittsburgh, PA

DLS 2014  Website  (Proceedings)  Denver, CO

DLS 2012  (Proceedings)  Memphis, TN

Under previous title of Off-Campus Library Services Conference

2010 Website (Proceedings) Cleveland, OH 

2008 Website (Proceedings) Salt Lake City, UT

2006 Website (Proceedings) Savannah, GA 

2004 Website (Proceedings) Scottsdale, AZ

2002 Website (Proceedings) Cincinnati, OH 

2000 Website (Proceedings) Portland, OR 

1998 Website (Proceedings, download from website) Providence, RI 

1995 Website (Proceedings) San Diego, CA 

1993 Website (Proceedings) Kansas City, MO 

1991 Website (Proceedings) Albuquerque, NM 

1988 Website (Proceedings, download from website) Charleston, SC 

1986 Website (Proceedings) Reno, NV 

1985 Website (Proceedings) Knoxville, TN 

1982 Website (Proceedings) St. Louis, MO 

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