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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering


Graduate Studies

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Dr. Ilteris Demirkiran

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Dr. Andre Ludu

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Dr. Tianyu Yang


The effects of a tsunami on a coastline can be devastating. In an attempt to mitigate the damages caused by tsunamis, and to provide coastal communities with evacuation alerts, it is essential to have early warning systems installed offshore. Tsunami early warning systems can detect the formation of tsunami waves long before they reach shore, providing coastal communities with information about the strength of an incoming tsunami.

Since providing accurate information about oceanic wave patterns is absolutely necessary to forecast the magnitude of a tsunami as it forms, the focus of this research is to develop a novel approach which will predict the height and velocity of a tsunami long before it makes landfall. The research comprises of a mathematical study of how the objects under water appear would appear to any observer outside. Also included in the research is study of water surface regeneration techniques. The investigators believe that the proposed approach will provide unprecedented detail and accuracy to help forecast the magnitude of forming tsunami waves. This research will lay the groundwork for the next tsunami early warning system, which will continue to save lives in coastal communities around the world.