Joseph Hayden

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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering


Graduate Studies

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Dr. Vladimir Golubev

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Dr. Mankbadi

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Dr. Gudmundsson


A high-accuracy numerical study is conducted to examine the impact of flow-acoustic resonant interactions on the aerodynamic response of symmetric and cambered airfoils in the realistic transitional flow regimes with Rec=140,000 and M=0.0465 as well as the low Reynolds number flow regime with Rec=10,000 and M=0.2. The symmetric NACA-0012 and the cambered SD7003 airfoils are investigated at various angles of attack that have been found previously to include both the tone and no-tone producing regimes, with specific focus on the aerodynamic lift response. Additional simulations are conducted with a low-intensity synthetic turbulence introduced upstream of the airfoils in order to trip the boundary layer on the airfoil surface and thus eliminate the acoustic feedback loop as the tone-generating mechanism. The current work focuses on comparing the lift, drag, and lift to drag ratio curves in the uniform vs. turbulent flow cases to determine the impact of the acoustic feedback loop on the airfoil aerodynamic performance for both realistic and low Reynolds number flow conditions.