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Thesis - Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering Physics


Physical Sciences

Committee Chair

Dr. Bereket Berhane

First Committee Member

Dr. Sergey Drakunov

Second Committee Member

Dr. Gregory Spradlin


There has always been a signicant interest in using optical systems to control quantum phenomena. A major barrier to controllability of quantum optical systems is the fact that the systems are usually innite dimensional open systems, two cases which have mostly negative controllability results. This thesis develops three new denitions of controllability and reformulates a previous controllability theorem in order to apply the theorem to the system of interest. Then, the controllability of a pumped dissipative quantum optical cavity with engineered decoherence is investigated using previously developed concepts in quantum control theory, as well as the ones developed in this thesis. Positive controllability results were found for Finite Ensemble Population Controllability and Weak Observable Controllability, while Finite Density Matrix Controllability had a negative result. A result for Strong Observable controllability remains elusive, as the normal nonlinear controllability theorems are not applicable to the system.