<p><a href="https://commons.erau.edu/db-srs/" target="_blank">The Office of Undergraduate Research</a> invited students, faculty, and staff to celebrate student research and creative activities at the Student Research Symposium. Students from across campus presented their research, scholarship, and creative works. The symposium was a hybrid with in-person poster sessions on Tuesday, Nov. 16, and an asynchronous virtual session from Nov. 16 to Nov. 18. You may click on the individual posters to bring up more information about the submission. Enjoy!</p>

Integrated Flight and Propulsion Control for Novel Rotorcraft

Locality of Topographic Ground Truth Data for Salt Marsh Lidar DEM Elevation Bias Mitigation Using Random Forest

Low-cost Particulate Matter Sensors and Their Future Use with Unmanned Vehicles

Organizational Accidents and the Swiss Cheese Model: Learning from Air France flight 447

Paraplegic Wakeboard Suspension Design and Testing

Phenotypical Effects of Chronic Exposure of Escherichia Coli to Simulated Microgravity

Project Aether

Safety Management of Wildlife Hazards to Aviation: An Analysis of Wildlife Strikes in Part 139 Airports in Florida 2011-2020

Small Scale Plasma Waves and Heating within Kelvin-Helmholtz Instabilities at Earth’s Magnetopause

Understanding the Electrophysiological Changes in Microgravity and Radiation Exposed Bacteria using Dielectrophoresis and Impedance Methods

Unraveling the Multi-Scale Solar Wind Structure Between Lagrange 1-point, Lunar Orbit and Earth’s Bow Shock: Better Space Weather Prediction Through Information Theory

Use of Mist Chambers in Collection of Atmospheric Gases