<p><a href="https://commons.erau.edu/db-srs/" target="_blank">The Office of Undergraduate Research</a> invited students, faculty, and staff to celebrate student research and creative activities at the Student Research Symposium. Students from across campus presented their research, scholarship, and creative works. The symposium was a hybrid with in-person poster sessions on Tuesday, Nov. 16, and an asynchronous virtual session from Nov. 16 to Nov. 18. You may click on the individual posters to bring up more information about the submission. Enjoy!</p>

Using Recurrent Neural Networks in a Distributed Computing Environment for Predicting Time-Variant Data

Utilizing UAS to Support Wildlife Hazard Management Efforts by Airport Operators

Aerial Atmospheric Vehicle for Mars

Assessing Mixed Reality Voice Dictation with Background Noise

Atlanta Airport Analysis of Delays

Categorizing FTE-like Boundary Layer Signatures Produced by the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability Using Hall-MHD Simulations and Virtual Spacecraft

Characterization of Atmospheric Aerosol Liquid Water Content Across the United States

Collegiate Experience: A Literature and Phenomenological Study on Experiential Learning in University Education

Determinants of the Switching of Initial Majors Among Undergraduate Students

Determining the Sources of the Zodiacal Cloud Using Relative Velocities of Dust Particles From High-Resolution Spectroscopy

Differential Gene Expression in Escherichia Coli Chronically Exposed to Simulated Microgravity

Effect of Unsaturated Soil Properties on Piping Susceptibility in Water Retaining Structures