A Database Management System for General Aviation Safety


The research team at Embry-Riddle proposes to conduct a series of analyses to find patterns and associations among general aviation (GA) accidents and incidents.

This research work is intended to provide the FAA with analyses of fatal and non-fatal accidents by examining the NTSB database and recommending strategies to mitigate risks associated with such events.Some of the potential studies that the team proposes to conduct include: analysis of primary ten causes leading to fatal and non-fatal accidents for each region by aircraft complexity and pilot demographics, statistical analyses on existing General Aviation accidents and incidents NTSB database on a national and regional basis to identify associations and patterns between flight elements and risk factors. This study will address multiple factors including pilots' demographics, light conditions, weather conditions and equipment used.


College Of Aviation, Daytona Beach Campus



Start Date

January 2007

End Date

January 2020

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