REU Site: Exploring Aerospace Research at the Intersection of Mechanics, Materials Science and Aerospace Physiology


This Project is founded by National Science Foundation, under REU site. This project aims to educate students and promote scientific research in materials and aerospace science that encompasses not only building lighter and smarter materials for aerospace applications but also understanding the impact of the space environment on physiological and biological changes. This Site will focus on multidisciplinary research in aerospace engineering, chemistry, and applied space biology with a goal of improving future space materials science and human diagnostic technology by exposing students to the challenges in these areas and the research going on to solve them. Undergraduate students for a ten-week summer will be recruited for the program. The student recruitment will start in Nov 2021 and the first summer research will be held in the period of May 16 to July 18, 2022. The ERAU-REU program is dedicated to the ideals of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion and we ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all scholars. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the housing accommodations or other aspects of the program. Students from underrepresented groups in the sciences, veterans, disabled, or are early in their undergraduate coursework (rising sophomores or juniors) are especially encouraged to apply.

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