Poster Upload Instructions

Dear MMS-2022 In-person presenter,

Please follow these instructions for uploading your talk.

  1. Name your presentation file as: Lastname_Firstname_Day_of_the_Week.pptx, e.g., Lucky_Luke_Thursday.pptx
  2. Please upload your talk in ppt or pdf -format into the Dropbox folder (see link below) by Monday 9th of May at 3 pm. Do not share this link with others.
  3. All the presentations will be moved from this folder into ERAU IT laptop which is connected to camera and microphone for smooth delivery of the hybrid mode-conference so both in-person and virtual audience can follow it.
  4. Scene Setting talks (one for each day) are 20-22 minutes with 3-5 minutes for questions, Invited talks and contributed talks are 12 minute each with 3 minutes for questions. If you use the entire time-slot, there is no time for questions. You will be provided a clicker to advance your slides when you talk on the podium.
  5. The printed posters should measure 36"h x 48"w.