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As an extension of the Family Aeronautical Science (FAS) initiative, a demonstration project at Winnebago Public Schools in Family Geospatial Science was developed. This new effort focused on junior high school age students and included instructional units on map-reading, use of Global Positioning System (GPS) units, operation of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) software, and Remote Sensing. The same methodology of engaging not only the student but individual’s family members that was so successful in the FAS portion of the endeavor was again employed. Also an added dimension to the activities was the establishment of the Native IMAGE (Institute for Managing Applications of Geospatial Extension). Headed by Dr. Hank Lehrer assisted by Ms. Jan Bingen, a faculty member at the Little Priest Tribal College (LPTC) in Winnebago, NE, the Institute’s mission was to assist elementary and secondary as well the college’s faculty and students in delivering geospatial education. The overarching goal remained the improvement of STEM education among these constituents and the local community.


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