While the rich and the wealthier first-class travelers are increasingly traveling by private jet, this world is still a mystery to many non-jet-setters who are curious about what private fliers experience in the skies. Money buys you almost everything, and it sure enables private jet-setters to live life fast, but the world they left behind in their flying limousine/race car will occasionally remind jet-setters that change is the only constant, and pierce their carefully-guarded bubble. In this story I will share a few interesting jet-setters and their unusual experiences with the readers.


My name is Hendrik (a.k.a. Captain Dutch). After moving to the U.S. from the Netherlands, I have been flying the challenging yet beautiful skies for over 31 years now as an instructor pilot, a commercial pilot, and an airline transport pilot. I have taught aspiring pilots how to fly, have flown airline passengers in commercial jet aircraft for the regional airlines and have also taken many individuals or groups of passengers to their destination in the comfort of a private jet.



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