The summer following the great British Covid-19 lockdown was a rough one for dating.

During that lockdown, I had mustered up the courage to leave my five-year abusive marriage and start a life of my own. Scary doesn't even begin to describe what I felt moving out on my own, let alone trying to find a new, healthier relationship with the elusive love of my life. So much of myself had been lost during those five years and I didn’t know who I truly was at the age of twenty nine. So much of my existence had been beaten down, but not my hope for finding true love. So I did what any almost-thirty and newly single person would do, and I began sifting through my photos to build a profile on a dating app.

Tinder and Hinge seemed to be full of guys who were only looking to make up for a summer of lost fun. Five awful dates and countless "hello there! What's your favorite movie?" conversations later, and I was fully convinced to succumb to the cat lady life. “Let it happen! Let’s go get that little calico we saw on the website!” my inner cat lady exclaimed.


My name is Melissa Moss and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Management. When I signed up for a Creative Writing course, I originally just wanted to fulfill degree requirements. However, the course gave me a reason to put my story into words and I cannot be more thankful for that. Throughout my twenties, I was in an extremely unhealthy relationship which turned into a marriage. My self worth had dwindled over the years and I was feeling hopeless about ever finding love again. You Are Loved Beyond Measure is based on the story about my new lease on life and second chance at love. I am now thirty and have more love in my life than ever before, from myself and my partner.



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