This is a short story about a domestic worker in Macau who is subjected to varying degrees of mistreatment, exploitation and physical/sexual abuse. The story tracks a short but tragic episode in the life of a young Filipino helper – Teresa – who works for an English expatriate family living in Macau. In a broad sense, it exposes the clashing of two very different existences – the prosperous, secure, comfortable life of the Western expat versus the poor, desperate, vulnerable existence of the Filipino helper. While focusing on Teresa's personal experiences and the surprising transformation of her relationship with her employer, Mrs. Chippenham, the story highlights the precariousness of the situation in which Macau’s domestic workers operate. It also aims to reveal the systemic indifference of Macanese society - in both local and expatriate communities - to their plight.


Originally from London, England, I live in Central Pennsylvania with my wife and two young children. I work full-time as an air ambulance helicopter pilot. During my "off" time, I work full-time as a stay-at-home dad!



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