I hope you enjoyed my fantasy fiction short story. Fantasy has always been my favorite style of writing. I played with the idea of writing a story about a Paladin on a Holy Quest for quite a while. I didn't want the holy quest in this short story to follow a normal heroic path. I was really hoping in this story to play with the concept of a hero who has to go against his nature to seek revenge. It was a goal of mine to ensure that the hero's nature was tested, but in the end he still found redemption. I hope after listening to the story you feel that the journey has come full circle.


My name is Michael Stebbins. I am currently living in Massachusetts. I am a Freshman at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, where I am majoring in Aeronautical Science, with a minor in Drone Aviation. I hope to one day become a Commercial Airline pilot. In my pastime, I enjoy writing, gaming, and traveling. I hope you enjoy reading my short story submission.



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