A group of special forces are ordered to search & rescue, and investigate the demolished country that has been overturned into a ruin. The team of seven men are challenged both mentally and physically, as they are overrun by opposing forces. Outnumbered and low on ammunition, can they return back to the command center safely?


My name is Steve Kim.

I am currently a standing senior, soon to graduate from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I am also a candidate to enter U.S. Navy/Marine Corps OCS (officer candidate school) upcoming Summer of 2023 - explains my deep interest in military tactics and lifestyle. Having to grow up within the military-style environment since childhood and one of the first movies of my life being related to military aviation, it has always given me more than inspriation and motivation; to love my country and hope to dedicate my life to the country I live in- by becoming a professional pilot within the U.S. Navy.



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