Indulge on a journey through the harrowing skies of WWII with historical accuracy and a fictious main character, Cole Von Cole. Already famous in the world of aviation, Cole Von Cole has 10 missions on his belt but this one will prove to be difficult as he embraces the idea of death. High above the Third Reich behind enemy lines Cole is tasked with providing reconnaissance of a ball bearing factory deep within Germany with his trusted P-38 Lightning. Death has never been considered as viable but in the night sky a fatal shot may unveil death after all as his aircraft is struck during a barrage of flak aimed directly at him. Spotlights shine through the night sky blinding Cole temporarily and we are left wondering if he will return to base safely or meet his demise.


Cole Lumadue was born September 10th, 1990, in Bradenton, Florida. He always explored the idea of writing and over time had developed ideas he wanted to turn into a novel. While attending his creative writing course, his ideas became reality, and the first short story was drafted with the assistance of instructor and peers. He is hopeful to create and publish his first work in the form of a book and ultimately a series about a famous aviator.



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