Reception & Advanced Air Mobility Poster Session

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Student Union Events Center - Room A & D

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2-27-2024 3:30 PM

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2-27-2024 5:00 PM

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Advanced Air Mobility


Agrawal & Collins - Integrated Propulsion and Control of Rotorcraft

Akintelure et al. - Green Skies Over Akron: “Revolutionizing CAK with a $20M Sustainability Blueprint"

Almasabi et al. - Tour-Based Network Design and Demand Forecasting for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Box et al. - Integrating Unmanned Aerial Systems for Enhanced Wildlife Hazard Assessment in Airport Environments

Brown & Lisak - eVTOL Aircraft Pilot Training, Certification, and Integration in the NAS

Callender - Enhancing the Glide Performance of Advanced Air Mobility Aircraft

Cox-Gross & Collins - eVTOL/AAM RPM Controlled Rotor Design Process and Research

Dreslin et al. - Up in the Air: A Human Factors Approach to Enhancing eVTOL Passenger Experience

Garcia et al. - Uncertainty and Assurance in AAM Regulation

Koellner - Shaping the Sky: Navigating the Future of Urban Air Mobility Through Innovative Regulation

Lorenzon - Going Airborne: Kent State's Pioneering Leap into Integrated Advanced Air Mobility

McDonald et al. - Shaping AAM Educational Methods: A Comparison of Traditional and Compressed Class Schedules in UAS Classes

Nilsson & Canada - The Sky is Falling… Or is it?

O’Reilly et al. - Operational Feasibility and Mobility Outcome from eVTOL Based on Existing Air Infrastructure

Patel & Chaparro - Identifying Stereotypical Inceptor-Movement Pairings for eVTOL Hover and Forward Flight

Patel et al. - A Comparative Study of eVTOL Inceptor Variations and Lessons Learned Through Human Factors Research

Spier & Collins - Reachability Analysis for Multi-Rotor UAM Vehicles Based on Force and Moment Envelopes

Stansbury et al. - Examination of Urban Air Mobility Integration into the National Airspace System


Feb 27th, 3:30 PM Feb 27th, 5:00 PM

Reception & Advanced Air Mobility Poster Session

Student Union Events Center - Room A & D