2022 Champion: Andalibi, Mehran

Presenter Information

Mehran Andalibi


Dr. Andalibi has been working in higher education since 2008 and is currently Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Rapid Prototyping Lab. His research interests focus on interdisciplinary projects using computer vision and machine learning, including UAS, vision-assisted devices, rapid prototyping, car navigation, and robotics. He has also created a YouTube channel called “Engineering Educator Academy” where he publishes video lectures.




Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Courses Impacted

  • EGR 200: Cmptr Aided Cncptl Dsgn A/S Sy
  • ES 204: Dynamics
  • EGR 115: Intro Computing for Engineers
  • ME 406: Robotics II
  • ME 406L: Robotics II Laboratory
  • SE 499: Sp Topics Software Engineering

When did you start using OER?

1 year ago

Why did you adopt OER?

Last year, I created a YouTube Channel called "Engineering Educator Academy" in which I have published video lectures for all courses in an effort to reduce the cost of mandatory textbook purchases for my students. This YouTube channel was also created to provide complementary education and cover the missing topics in our courses and act as a backup for my classes in case of absence due to pandemic or other legitimate reasons.

Why are affordable textbooks and/or OER important?

Open Educational Resources are required as instructors cannot cover all the material they intend to teach due to the limited time in a semester. They are also crucial to teach our students the topics that are not included in their four-year plans yet necessary for their future careers at no extra cost.

Open and affordable textbooks at ERAU?

Education is not limited to the classroom. Seek knowledge anywhere you can find it. Finally, I recommend checking up my Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_EeMvTbzA9853Xq0H4LKNQ.



2022 Champion: Andalibi, Mehran