2024 Champion: Heath van Horn, Mathew

Presenter Information

Mathew Heath van Horn


Dr. HVH retired after 23 years in the Air Force where he served in a wide variety of cyber fields. He started a successful shed and playground business but missed his hackers and sold it to be a professor. Dr. HVH is a big proponent of OER and currently has many amazing student volunteers writing an OER textbook that provides hands-on instruction for the three domains of cyber networking: establishing, defending, and attacking. Dr. HVH has another group of student volunteers ready to start on the second edition and show the world how OER can help students learn.




Assistant Professor of Cyber Security, COBSI

Courses Impacted

  • CI 320
  • CI 311
  • CI 525
  • CU 515


  • Taking it upon himself as a newer faculty member to create a Hands-on OER for Networking and Network Security. Currently in progress on Eaglepubs but already in use for the past two semesters, "Mastering Enterprise Networks" is not only saving students money (because its free), it allows them to learn from experience with hands-on labs rather than a pure theory textbook. -- Student Nomination

  • At the start of this semester, he was straight-forward with our class and said our textbook was the cheapest he could find. He looked for something that would teach us the important material, but wasn't going to cost an arm and a leg. Our textbook from the bookstore was about $45, but online was under $30. -- Student Nomination

  • Mathew, A.K.A. "HVH" has put in considerable efforts to create open-source course material on computer networking that has been quite popular with students looking for a more activity-based networking book. Although Mat is also a new faculty, he has been able to explore and utilize OER Eagle Pubs for his book, further minimizing the cost for the entire process. -- Faculty Nomination

  • Writing a hands-on textbook to be used in two classes that can be found online for free. -- Student Nomination



2024 Champion: Heath van Horn, Mathew