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The overarching concept of this eTextbook is to give students a broad-based introduction to the aerospace field, emphasizing technical content while making the material attractive and digestible. This eTextbook is structured and split into lessons centered around a 50-minute lecture period. Each lesson includes text content with detailed illustrations, application problems, a self-assessment quiz, and topics for further discussion. In addition, hyperlinks to additional resources are provided to support students who want to delve deeper into each topic. At the end of the eTextbook, there are many more worked examples and application problems for the student. While many lessons will be covered entirely in the classroom by the instructor, in the interest of time, some lessons may be covered in less detail or other parts assigned for self-study. The more advanced topics at the end of this eTextbook are intended chiefly for self-study and to provide a primer for the continuing student on important technical subjects such as high-speed flight, stability and control, vertical flight, and space flight. This approach can help students build a stronger foundation for their future careers in aerospace engineering.


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