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Michael Fabian


Aerospace Engineering


This directed study was done on the combustion tap-off cycle, which is a unique type of rocket engine cycle. The combustion tap-off cycle is not one that is mentioned or discussed in the AE 414 Space Propulsion class. This cycle has only been used by two engines, the J-2S and BE-3. The J-2S was created in the 1960’s by heritage Rocketdyne. This engine has never been flown, but it has been tested extensively. This engine proved that the tap-off cycle was possible for rockets and useful for its throttling capabilities. The BE-3 was developed by Blue Origin for use on the New Shepard vehicle. The tap-off cycle allows the engine to throttle down enough to allow the vehicle to land after being flown. Overall, the combustion tap-off cycle is well-suited for many missions and is likely to be used much more in the future.

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