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Intended to meet the requirements set by the NASA Big Ideas challenge, the E.R.E.B.U.S. rover was designed last semester by the Interplanetary Design and Research Team. This semester, a prototype of the designed rover is in development, with the goal of both preparing for potential selection by NASA, in addition to learning more about the design and fabrication of space systems for the improvement of next year’s proposed system. Consisting of both 3D-printed materials and welded Aluminium, the physical rover prototype serves as a means of testing Guidance Navigation and Control systems more than an accurate physical model suitable for testing. Present development goals for the rover include:

1. a to-scale physical model of the rover

2. demonstration of propulsive systems

3. demonstration of object detection

By the development of these capabilities, future NASA Big Ideas designs may be refined to reflect lessons learned, and improve the quality of future proposals.

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