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The 9/11 Research and Remembrance Project: Stories and Lessons Learned for Future Generations.

To help future generations of professionals understand the critical events that transformed their fields through an oral history of 9/11, ERAU, and our last twenty years of service in diverse sectors across the world.


Where We Were, 9/11 2001 (interactive map download)
Where We Were Interactive Map This map displays the locations of everyone who has shared their stories and  lessons learned for this project.  

 On the morning of 9/11, the Embry-Riddle community was all over the world – in the  skies, deployed overseas, just waking up at home, or already working in  airports, offices, bases, businesses, and schools.  


The attacks of 9/11 fostered a strong sense of community. This map is a reminder that we are a community united by our connections to ERAU and by our memories of that terrible day.  


Click on an Eagle to learn more about their individual stories.  


Use the zoom and filters to see specific areas or groups.  


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About the 9/11 Project
A few words on the history of how this project came to be and why it means so much to participants
Alumni Discussions
Alumni from many different sectors share their memories of 9/11, how they responded, and what they want future generations of professional to know
Recorded Events
Presentations, panels and other events on Thursday, September 9, 2021
Related Publications
Includes items from the University Archives such as newspapers and yearbooks as well as other publications
Stories from 9/11
Members of the ERAU community share their personal stories of 9/11 and reflect on what that day meant – and continues to mean – for them and their professions
University Leadership
WIKD Interview Podcasts
We are grateful for our radio station’s production of these interviews with faculty, staff, and students. Interviewees share the perspectives an air traffic controller in New York City, a policeman called to the Twin Towers, campus staff, students, and more