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Under authority of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Center of Excellence (COE) Technical Training Human Performance (TTHP) Task 10 research team has prepared a comprehensive technical report and an executive summary for the Air Traffic Organization (ATO) concerning the instructional development (ID) of occupational education and training for Air Traffic (AT) controllers and Technical Operations (TO) technicians. Research included:

• Front-end analysis of available FAA courses and government furnished information (GFI), including course-development documentation and associated guidance, policies, and regulations.

• Structured and semi-structured data-gathering techniques in cooperation with Instructional Systems Specialists (ISS), ISS Managers, and Requirements personnel.

• Informal observations of validation events for Air Traffic training.

• Analysis of the relevant literature from academic, government, and industry domains.

The executive summary describes the findings and observations of issues directly related to the ID process and potential solutions based on findings from this comparative analysis. The comprehensive report that follows includes these and additional observations and recommendations as well as the project overview, an introduction to best practice research, the research methodology, presentation and analysis of the results, and discussion of the findings and conclusions.

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Center of Excellence for Technical Training and Human Performance (TTHP): Solutions for Operational Aviation Research


Center of Excellence for Technical Training and Human Performance (TTHP)

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The FAA has sponsored this project through the Center of Excellence for Technical Training and Human Performance. However, the agency neither endorses nor rejects the findings of this research. This information is provided in the interest of invoking technical community comment of the results and conclusions of the research.

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The views expressed in this document do not necessarily reflect the official views or policy of ERAU or the FAA, which make no warranty, either implied or express, for the information contained in this document. Neither does ERAU or the FAA assume any responsibility or legal liability for the completeness, accuracy, or utility of this information. Some of the materials in this technical report have been excerpted or adapted as cited from academic and trade journals, textbooks, websites, and various sources under the Fair Use Doctrine of the United States Copyright Statute 17, U.S. Code, Section 107. Under these conditions, photocopy or reproduction of materials in this document may not be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research. This redacted document is approved for public distribution.