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The author discusses Japanese anime and manga in the context of academic libraries. She notes that, while collections support the study of popular culture and give students access to materials that will engage them...they fail to include amime.

To rectify this, the author discusses a core list of anime titles for academic library collection development. This list was assembled based upon the author’s twenty-plus years of viewing anime and is the culmination of a sabbatical in which the author studied the history of Japanese animation and read extensively from acknowledged experts in the field. The films included here have stood the test of time and inspire multiple viewings. The initial catalog of films which were reviewed for this project came from a variety of sources, including 500 Essential Anime Movies, The Anime Encyclopedia, The Complete Anime Guide, Watching Anime and Reading Manga, and The Rough Guide to Anime. In some cases, the sources included best of lists. In others, topical essays highlighted films and series that demonstrated the best of a genre. Compiling these recommendations into one list, viewing all of the films again, and comparing them with information from these experts and other readings resulted in this core list.

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Posted with permission.

The author was not affiliated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the time of publication.