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“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” - Albert Einstein. Pure mathematicians study abstract entities and structures that underlie mathematics. Although their general perspective is “math for math’s sake”, sometimes even the most abstract mathematics can have unexpected applications! Come learn some of these astonishing discoveries in the history of science and mathematics! They might make you thrilled but keep in mind real-world usage is rarely the goal behind developing a new mathematical theory.

Welcome to the world of pure mathematics! In this talk, we will focus on the theory of composition operators which is a steady point of interest for almost 100 years. While studying these operators, our general goal is to describe their operator theoretic properties in terms of the associated function symbols. I will begin with a brief history of research in the field of composition operators, followed by the discussion of some recent results concerning linear combinations (sums, differences, etc.) of weighted composition operators in certain spaces of Analytic functions.

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