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Ever since its official endorsement by the American Statistical Association in 2005, the Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE) College Report has had a profound impact on the teaching of statistics. Now, a decade later, it is important to recognize the changing nature in what and how we teach our introductory statistics students. Changes in technology and assessment practices, just over the past 10 years, have made it possible to do new and exciting things in our courses, in very different ways than were envisioned by the authors of the original GAISE College Report. Further, our world is becoming increasingly data-centric, and it is important to recognize and promote statistics as a way to use data to make decisions. This panel will report on efforts to revise the GAISE College Report in the light of the changes that have occurred within the field of Statistics Education (and other areas) within the past several years. Panelists will also elicit feedback from the audience about specific (and perhaps controversial) issues related to the teaching of introductory statistics at the college level.


Seattle, Washington

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